How do I get rid of rabbits?

It is very difficult to get rid of rabbits on your own and does require professional chemicals and methods to eliminate the problem. At GoKill we use numerous methods to control a rabbit infestation, ranging from traditional methods to more modern methods. Traditional methods such as trapping, ferreting, long netting, fencing and shooting are effective, however, less responsive and more labour intensive. Modern methods such as using Phostoxin gassing tablets containing aluminium phosphide are extremely effective and reactive. Depending on where your infestation is, our technicians will make an assessment and inform you of the most appropriate methods to eliminate your rabbit infestation.

Who is at risk of a rabbit infestation?

> Why are rabbits pests?

Throughout Britain, rabbits are known to be a major agricultural and horticultural pest. They feed on roots or arable crops and cause damage to grasslands that are used to feed sheep and cattle. Over the last several decades, rabbits have caused millions of pounds worth of damage to land, including woodlands, all facilities and amenities, as they destroy embankments, buildings and underground infrastructures.

> Is it legal to remove rabbits?

Yes, GoKill uses legal and humane methods in order to control a rabbit infestation. All our technicians are fully qualified and trained in all control methods. Each treatment will be thoroughly carried out and conducted in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, specifications, and the UK law.

> Do you provide a service for a rabbit infestation at all hours?

Yes, GoKill Manchester Pest Control offers a service which provides highly, trained, qualified professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> Who is at risk of a rabbit infestation?

Any premises, especially agricultural and horticultural premises are at risk. By contacting GoKill Manchester Pest Control services and following our recommended before and after advise this will help to deter rabbits from disrupting your premises.

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