Why are fleas pests?

Fleas are pests due to the facts that they can bite humans and animals; leaving swollen, red bites that can be incredibly itchy. Some bites have potential to cause allergic reactions, as they are the most common transmitters of the rare bubonic plague and also transmit murine typhus bacterial disease. If fleas infect any animals they can severely irritate them; causing scabs, bites, loss of hair, pale gums and collectively creating expensive vet bills.

Who is at risk of a flea infestation?

> How do I get rid of fleas?

Fleas are a nuisance because they are difficult to eradicate on your own. If left untreated they bread rapidly and can take 3-4 months to die off on their own, as they go through their cycle of life. With regards to GoKill treatments we can advise you further on your infestation. In most cases two visits with fumigation treatments are required with the time period between visits usually being 1-2 weeks. This is the most appropriate way to effectively control and eliminate your infestation.

> Why do I have a flea infestation?

Fleas predominantly come in to premises from animals, such as dogs and cats. These pests tend to latch on to animals when outside, then infest in their fur and once inside warmer premises they can hop off and breed within carpets, rugs, curtain and furniture. Prevention is extremely difficult and any premise which has pets coming in and out of it, is more vulnerable to an infestation.

> Signs of a flea infestation:

  • Fleas can be seen jumping from carpets, rugs, curtains, drapery and furniture.
  • You will see fleas bite mostly around your feet and ankles.
Why do I have a flea infestation?

> Signs of a flea infestation on animals:

  • You will see any animals scratching, licking, or biting their fur a lot.
  • Small dark spot-like insects will be present within your pet’s fur.
  • There may be infected areas where you will see scabs or loss of fur.
  • Pets have potential to develop pal gums from flea bites and are susceptible to tapeworms.

> Where can I find fleas within my property?

GoKill advises you to check any pets within your property to see if there is any fleas in their fur. With regards to your property, we recommend you check in places such as carpets, rugs, cushions, drapery and furniture.

> Do you provide a service for a flea infestation at all hours?

Yes, GoKill Manchester Pest Control offers a service which provides highly, trained, qualified professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> Who is at risk of a flea infestation?

Any premises, especially residential properties with animals going in and out of them, are at greater risk. By contacting GoKill Manchester Pest Control services and following our recommended before and after advise this will help to deter fleas from disrupting your premises.

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