Why are ants pests?

If you notice an ant, you are likely to have an infestation nearby, whereby they can swarm and forage for food in large teams. If ants are moving around, foraging and transferring food this can create dirt, which is unsightly and unhygienic. In addition, ants can contaminate any food source and if served to anyone this can create an illness. Collectively, these facts have the potential to damage any hospitality sector or business catering premises reputation.

Do you have an ant infestation?

> How do I get rid of ants?

Ants are a nuisance because they can be difficult to eradicate on your own. When speaking to a GoKill advisor about your problem, they can advise you further on the most appropriate way to effectively control and eliminate your infestation.

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> Why do I have an ant infestation?

GoKill gives the following suggestions as to what causes ants to create an infestation within your premises:

  • Unwanted food or leftovers lying around or readily available. Ants are specifically drawn to foods such as crumbs or sugary items.
  • Pet food, as it is often left out for long periods of time.
  • Opportunities for nesting: soiled gardens or wood piles outside.
  • Openings such as holes, gaps and crevices around the foundations of your premises. Drawing them from the outside in.
  • Opened doors..
Who is at risk of an ant infestation?

> Where can I find ants within my property?

Ants are more likely to be present on the outside of your premises, as this is where they nest. In dryer weathered conditions you may see ants carrying unwanted or left over food around on patios or pavements. For business food catering premises, GoKill suggests you check your outdoor eating areas. With regards to the inside of your premises, ants are in all probability to be within any kitchen areas or any pantries that stores food. GoKill advises you to use a light or torch to help detect ants when checking behind kitchen appliances, cupboards, kick boards, skirting boards and around walls. Check for any holes, gaps or crevices as they may be detected in these areas. Ants can used such gaps as entry points to your property, as well as coming through opened doors.

> Signs of an ant infestation?

  • Visibly seeing ants.
  • Visibly seeing their nests, colonies or disturbed debris. Ants predominately dig their colonies underground and disturb any soil or dirt towards the surface. However, they can also create their colonies within vases or gaps amongst wood.
  • Ant pathways. Notice any unwanted food being moved by ants.
  • Presence of ants within your pets feeding bowls.

> Do you provide a service for an ant infestation at all hours?

Yes, GoKill Manchester Pest Control offers a service which provides highly, trained, qualified professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> Who is at risk of an ant infestation?

Any premises, especially residential properties are at risk. By contacting GoKill Manchester Pest Control services and following our recommended before and after advise this will help to deter ants from disrupting your premises.

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