How do I get rid of beetles?

Beetles are a nuisance because they can be difficult to eradicate on your own. When speaking to a GoKill advisor about your problem, they can advise you further on the most appropriate way to effectively control and eliminate your infestation. Please do not think that by hoovering up a beetle that is the end of all problems. There is usually more than one and they can be hiding in multiple places throughout your property.

Who is at risk of a beetle infestation?

> Why are beetles pests?

Beetles can create a lot of destruction or damage to your property, due to their ability to seek shelter and food from a variety of places. They can eat through most things that are in their way and leave their droppings behind. Damage can be caused to any food source, furniture, clothes, carpets, curtains, décor, and plants and crops.

> Why do I have a beetle infestation?

Beetles often enter properties to seek out warmth, shelter and food. They can feed on a variety of sources, ranging from garden plants and flowers, wood, fabrics, grains and any unwanted food lying around. GoKill advises you that different materials can induce different types of beetles to you premises and garden.

> Where can I find beetles within my property?

Beetles can enter any premises through cracks or gaps in the walls, foundations, door frames and window frames. GoKill recommends you look in furniture, fireplaces, wood storage areas, potted plants, kitchen cupboards and any out buildings to find beetles.

Beetles Manchester Pest Control

> Prevention

  • Inspect all packages coming in and out of your premises.
  • Inspect any animals or animal belongings coming in and out of your premises.
  • If any beetles are detected within food sources, fabrics or wooden items, please promptly remove them from your premises.
  • Ensure you have a well ventilated property and treat damp areas, as moisture control is effective in deterring a beetle infestation.
  • Good sanitation and cleanliness is important to prevent beetles from developing and reproducing.
  • Ensure you hoover regularly.

> Do you provide a service for a beetle infestation at all hours?

Yes, GoKill Manchester Pest Control offers a service which provides highly, trained, qualified professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> Who is at risk of a beetle infestation?

Any premises, residential properties are at risk. By contacting GoKill Manchester Pest Control services and following our recommended before and after advise this will help to deter beetles from disrupting your premises.

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