The most common fox within Britain, is the red fox (Canidae).

Fox control service is a specialist area of pest control, that does require qualified, wildlife trained professionals.

Who is at risk of a fox infestation?
  • Foxes are widely known to have a reputation for being dangerous, due to their ability to kill and injure live stock.

  • Foxes have the ability to spread diseases, that can affect any animals and pets alike.

  • Foxes within Britain are becoming widespread. Nowadays the rural fox is becoming quickly urbanised due to its ability to quickly adapt.

  • Foxes can be territorial; marking their habitat with their scent and if disturbed they can present physical aggression.

  • Foxes are predominantly seen active at dusk and night.

  • Foxes are primarily solitary animals, however, they tend to group together in packs.

  • Foxes are more present within urban environments and are often seen within gardens, parks and fields. They also have the potential to mess up gardens through fouling and digging.

Do you provide a service for a fox infestation at all hours?

> Do you provide a service for a fox infestation at all hours?

Yes, GoKill Manchester Pest Control offers a service which provides highly, trained, qualified professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> Who is at risk of a fox infestation?

Any premises, especially residential properties are at risk. By contacting GoKill Manchester Pest Control services and following our recommended before and after advise this will help to deter foxes from disrupting your premises.

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