When contacting GoKill to arrange a treatment, our services will inform you if you require a spray treatment and what to do before hand. Unfortunately, all animals – pets (including fish) need to be located in a safe room which is not being fumigated or removed from the property whilst a fumigation treatment is being carried out. This is for their own safety, as we do not want them breathing in any chemicals. GoKill Manchester Pest Control recommends that animals belongings, i.e, beds, litter trays, bowls, toys, cages, tanks or aquariums etc, are covered, out of reach in another room or preferably out of the property prior to carrying out any fumigation treatment. GoKill Manchester Pest Control also advises that where possible please ventilate all rooms thoroughly after they have been fumigated. This is significantly important to those owners who have animals in their property. Once informed of the time taken for the treatment to dry by our technician, you and your pets can enter the property with no problems.