Wasp nest treatment £45
  • The Common Wasps nests are based on approximately 200 tiny, honeycomb-like cells.
  • Constructed of wasp paper; formed from chewing wood into a paste-like pulp and together with wasps salvia forms the foundations of a nest.
  • Nests  approximately last for three to four months and are generally the size of a basket ball.
  • In fewer occasions nests have been known to last longer and can grow to the size of three basket balls.
  • Wasps tend no to return to the same nest annually.
  • When a nest is recognised as dormant, please contact GoKill Manchester Pest Control professionals to remove it.
  • When nests are active, please stay at a safe distance and contact GoKill Manchester Pest Control to arrange a visit to fumigate the infestation and remove the nest.